• Falling Gavels


    Falling Gavels
    Hammers fell all across the Middle East at auctions in Dubai, Beirut and Jeddah.

      By Myrna Ayad & Rania Habib The fifteenth set of Christie's Dubai auctions saw two sales of Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern art, the return of a watches...

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  • Stranger than Fiction


    Stranger than Fiction

    Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour speaks to Canvas Guide ahead of her first solo exhibition in the Middle East since the Lacoste Elysée Prize controversy in 2011. The...

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  • The Devil Is Not in the Details

    Artist Interview

    The Devil Is Not in the Details

    Pakistani artist Aisha Khalid explores spirituality through geometry in The Divine Is in the Detail, proving that details - contrary to popular belief - are a fertile source of...

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  • [dis] orient
    [dis] orient
    [dis]orient is an exhibition that seeks to juxtapose the works of two artists from Iraq and Italy, in a dialogue about home, displacement, fiction and reality. The exhibition ran from 6–28 June at Sumarria Lunn, a gallery in London’s Mayfair district.

    Rä di Martino, resident in Turin, has travelled across North Africa by scooter, where she was struck by abandoned movie sets left to decay in the midst of the Moroccan and...

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  • History's Many Fathers
    History's Many Fathers
    Austrian artist Philip Mueller returns to Carbon 12 for the second of a three-part series of exhibitions, My Father Was Many and I Am Happy as a Sailor, his current show at the Dubai gallery.

    Philip Mueller's works deal with history's forefathers, the search for his ancestors and simultaneously attempt to define humanity. For the 25 year-old artist, "[humanity] is...

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  • Zsolt Bodoni

    Artist Interview

    Zsolt Bodoni
    For his first solo exhibition in the Middle East, Hungarian artist Zsolt Bodoni explores childhood games and how systemic education shapes youth.

    Through this show at Dubai's Green Art Gallery, Zsolt Bodoni uses King Give Us Soldiers as a reference to the games children that play, a seemingly innocent title that...

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    The Contemporary Istanbul fair brings together the Art Istanbul week for a broad range of gallery and museum shows.

    Over the last decade, Istanbul has increasingly been at the forefront of the emerging Middle Eastern art market. The much-lauded Istanbul Biennial has played its part in...

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  • 'Historical Relayerings'


    'Historical Relayerings'
    A fascination with personal and collective history is explored in Referencing History, a group show at Green Art Gallery exhibiting works by Eastern European artists with three renowned Middle Eastern names.

    Three swimmers seemingly prepare to dive into a vast sea. They are suspended in air in the midst of what appears to be an old disintegrating warehouse. One overhead window provides...

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  • Hassan Massoudy


    Hassan Massoudy
    This Iraqi calligrapher imbues his delicate lines and exquisite shapes with references to Islam as well as poets and philosophers throughout history. Canvas speaks with Hassan Massoudy about his literary and religious influences.

    You grew up in Najaf, Iraq but left the country in 1969 to study in France. What role does your homeland play within your work? I still remember the first years of my life in Najaf -...

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