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09-January-2012 to 08-February-2012
Nabad Art Gallery
‘The Tenth Maqama: Paper, Clay and Memory III’

This exhibition presents ceramic works and limited edition prints by renowned ceramist Jordanian Mahmoud Taha. Over the past four decades, Taha has been focusing on Jerusalem and depicting the dire conditions of the Palestinian people. Through the use of calligraphy he highlights the rich legacy of the Islamic civilisation. Born in Yafa, Palestine in 1942, the artist obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts specialising in ceramics from the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts in 1968. While in Baghdad, he studied Arabic calligraphy with the late Hashem Al-Khattat.

Nabad Art Gallery
Amman, Jordan
Tel: +962 64655084

  • ‘The Tenth Maqama: Paper, Clay and Memory III’