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02-November-2010 to 11-December-2010
Maraya Art Centre
'Contemporary Arab Video Encounter'

The exhibition Contemporary Arab Video Encounter (CAVE) is an assortment of personal statements reiterated by nine artists from the Arab world and its Diaspora. Sounding records on visual movements strictly presented through short video expressions present individuals from various generations who have dealt with social migration, cultural evolution and fictional or factual histories. The theme is the medium: video art and the concepts of the images are left to the artist's discretion. Participating artists include Adel Abidin from Iraq, Mounir Fatmi (Canvas 6.3) and Kader Attia (Canvas 3.4) from Algeria, Faisal Samra (Canvas 6.4) from Bahrain/Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Kazem from the UAE and Abdel Nasser Gharem from Saudia Arabia.

Maraya Art Centre
Sharjah, UAE
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  • 'Contemporary Arab Video Encounter'