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21-September-2010 to 06-October-2010
Abu Dhabi National Theatre
'Up Close'

Fanaan is a group of Abu Dhabi-based artists established in 2008 with the purpose of bringing together and cultivating an artist community in the UAE capital. Their primary goal is to create a platform for international artists and various media to come together, share ideas, develop and exhibit work. With works by Fanaan members Julia Ibbini, Chritch, Linda Stephanian, Elwin Buchel, Jennifer Simon, Daksha Bulsara, Neena Rai, Janine Ibbini and Emily Gordon, this diverse show, held through the Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage, will be accompanied by workshops by the artists. 

Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: + 971 26576171

  • 'Up Close'